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Ironed Blue Shirts

In addition to serving individual customers, we offer commercial laundry services to businesses, hotels, and other organizations. These services can be particularly useful for businesses that generate a high volume of laundry, such as hospitals, hotels, and laundromats, as well as for businesses that need to have their uniforms and linens cleaned on a regular basis. Pickup and delivery is included, as well as bulk discounts for large orders. Some businesses may also choose to outsource their laundry to a wash and fold service in order to save time and resources. If you own or manage a business and are interested in commercial laundry services, email us for more information on the options and pricing available.



We are committed to the environment:

• No use of harmful toxic chemicals
• Safe for you and your family
• Safe for the environment

• EPA approved

• Only non-toxic substances such as water,

  biodegradable soap and steam are used
• Garments look cleaner, last longer,

  feel softer, look brighter and smell fresher

• No allergic reactions

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Airbnb Cleaning



If you own or manage an Airbnb property, Down & Dirty Laundry can be a valuable partner in helping you keep your rental property clean and well-maintained between guests. These services typically include a thorough cleaning of the rental property, including tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down surfaces. We also offer additional services such as laundry, bed linen changes, and restocking amenities. By outsourcing the cleaning of your Airbnb property to a professional service, you can save time and resources while ensuring that your guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay.

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